Published August 27, 2019

The State of Hawaii is the first state in the nation to mandate a deadline (2045) requiring 100% of its energy be generated from renewable resources.

Today, nearly one-third of Oahu’s single-family homes have rooftop solar (PV) systems and nearly one-fourth of Hawaii’s electricity generation comes from renewable resources.

In case you haven’t heard, “the utility industry is changing.” And whether you believe it or not, technological, regulatory and competitive forces are driving change in the way our industry and our union conducts business.

Our Members Know

IBEW Local 1260 members, out on the front lines, are not only aware of these changes but have played a part of Hawaii’s utility industry, from its beginning. And they remain essential to its success as Hawaii leads the nation in renewable energy implementation.

Additionally, IBEW members have a better understanding than most of what is required to implement and support change in the rapidly changing utility industry.

We See Things The Same Way

While conventional wisdom suggests the IBEW and our signatory utility companies sit on opposite sides of most any issue, in this regard, our interest are more aligned than opposed, and our success, as well as survival, depends on partnership.

IBEW Local 1260 leaders are constantly working to solidify the place of Electrical Workers in Hawaii’s Energy future by meeting with Hawaii’s legislators, regulatory agencies, environmental groups and company executives to advocate on behalf of our members.

It’s Our Choice

It’s been said, there are three constants in life: change, choice and principles. Change, in regard to the electrical industry is inescapable, the way we do business has and will continue to change. This leaves us with choice: the choice to ignore, accept or shape the change.

Whether it’s the impact smart meters have on our meter readers, business practices have on customer services members, advances in renewable generation and battery storage will have on operations and maintenance, or identifying the way transmission and distribution workers fit into Hawaii’s future grid, IBEW Local 1260 is committed to the core union principle of shaping change in the best interest of our members and Hawaii’s working people as a whole.